Meet Mayal Hess, the most caring Denver Realtor you’ll find. Maytal takes pride in her high level of communication. She is focused on details and listening to her clients in order to best educate them with each real estate transaction. No two are the same. She genuinely feels for each client. Real Estate is an industry that doesn’t have the best of reputations, this real estate agent brands herself on honesty. She will tell you how it is and guide you through each hurdle. You can trust Maytal. She works diligently to provide quality and excellence. Maytal’s client’s describe here as “Encouraging and easy to work with. Her morals and ethics set her apart from other real estate agents”.  Her clients needs are always put first. A recent client described this unique quality, “We had a nearly impossible situation and Maytal was able to get the job done. We cannot be grateful enough! She is so kind and takes on any issue or concern like it’s her own.” Her unparalleled work ethic has served her well in the highly competitive Denver Real Estate market. She is passionate about the real estate business and believes that home ownership is a huge step towards creating wealth. Maytal is known for her negotiation skills and comprehensive knowledge of the real estate industry, including investments. She is dedicated to creating clients for life. 

Hess’s parents moved to the United States from Romania and she moved to Denver when she was six. Watching them build two homes and accomplish the American dream was what inspired her to help others achieve home ownership. She loves the majestic Rocky Mountains and enjoys skiing, camping, hiking, and rafting. 

Hess attended Colorado State University and graduated with a Finance degree. She left the finance industry to pursue Real Estate because there is no investment that compares. The more she learned, the more she knew she had to spread the word. “There is so much to Real Estate that the average person doesn’t know and they must! You cannot go to the bank and ask for $300,000 to buy stocks. People need to know how to leverage money and create wealth. I can show them.”

She has lived in Atlanta, Georgia and St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands.

Hess was a collaborator on the book titled “The Value-Driven Approach to Sell Real Estate”. The book is a practical guide to protect people from real estate greed and bank an extra $30,000 profit by thinking like the legendary investor/businessman Warren Buffett. She is known for her mission to make an impact in her local community with her “Free Book 4 Charity” campaign which strives to raise funds for local charities. Hess will send you a free copy of her book for in exchange for a “pay it forward” donation of $5.00 to a preferred charity. 

She is also the founder of Denver’s Nurse Only Program, a charitable initiative that supports nurses and local charities. From every home that Hess sells, she will donate $250.00 to a local charity of the nurse’s choice to help families, patients, and students with essential needs.

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