Bonnie Brae


Bonnie Brae is bordered by Exposition Avenue to the North,  Mississippi Avenue to the South, South Steele Street to the East, and  University Boulevard to the West.

Bonnie Brae is located east of University Avenue between Mississippi  and Exposition Avenues, Steele Street and University Boulevard. The  community was developed in the 1920’s on land that had been granted to  the Kansas Pacific Railroad in 1870. The railroad was eventually sold to  farmers and it later became part of the town of South Denver.

Many of the homes in Bonnie Brae were constructed during the 1920’s  and 1930’s utilizing innovative architectural compositions. Home styles  in Bonnie Brae range from charming Cape Cods and tidy brick ranches to  two-story Brick and Frame homes, English Tudors and some of the best  examples of International Style and Art Moderne Architecture.Bonnie Brae  means “pleasant hill” in Gaelic. George Olinger, an active Denver  businessman began accumulating property in the area and strived to  recreate the aura of a peaceful Scottish village in Denver.

As Bonnie Brae grew, many businesses opened along University  Boulevard. Today the thriving commercial area between Exposition and  Ohio streets still functions as the “Main Street” of one Denver’s most  charming neighborhoods.

Bonnie Brae has had an organized neighborhood association for many  years. There is an annual picnic in late summer where neighbors can  reconnect and enjoy a variety of food and activities.The community’s  quaint commercial district is within walking distance of most homes  where residents can enjoy a wide variety of restaurants ranging from  fine dining and coffee shops, to ice cream parlors and sports bars.  Dolly Madison Dairy opened in the 1940’s, now the Bonnie Brae Ice Cream  and the Bellaire Restaurant, now the Campus Lounge, in 1961…and both  remain in business today.

The association’s mission is to provide a conduit with the city,  assist in community development, and facilitate any efforts to improve  the quality of life in Bonnie Brae.