The Cole neighborhood is getting noticed because it shares a  border with the River North Art District (RiNo), an area chock-full of  trendy restaurants and shops, and limited residential opportunities.  Cole is bordered by 40th Avenue on the north, MLK Boulevard on the  south, Downing Street on the west, and York Street on the east. We are  seeing people pushing into this emerging neighborhood where the land is  more affordable due to major commercial development in RiNo.

Cole residents enjoy being close enough to downtown amenities without  being too much in the middle of it. ” It’s diverse, friendly and laid  back without being boring. You’re two minutes from downtown and within  10 minutes of pretty much everything you’ll ever need.” City Park is  also just around the corner with plans for a revitalized golf course  underway. The Denver Coliseum and National Western Complex, which  recently got approved for a massive overhaul to become a major events  center which will likely increase traffic and visitors to the area.

There have been many fix and flips in the area, one even featured on  House Hunters. The median home price in Cole is mid $300’s. Home buyers  will also see that there is a variety of reasonable priced row houses as  well as other attached single-family homes.