Cory Merrill


Cory-Merrill  is bordered by Mississippi Avenue to the  North, I-25 to the South, Colorado Boulevard to the East, and University  Boulevard to the West.

Cory-Merrill is a quiet, highly desirable neighborhood with  tree-lined streets and a spattering of large new construction homes  mingled with older brick ranches.  The neighborhood is rapidly changing  due to an abundance of oversized lots and has been called Denver’s  leading neighborhood for “pop-tops.”

Located just south of Denver’s Bonnie Brae neighborhood, the two  areas share several key attributes, including the John Paul II Center,  which is home to the Archdiocese of Denver.  Popular Washington Park is  within walking distance where residents enjoy more than 160 acres that  has long been a haven for joggers, tennis players, cyclists, dog lovers,  and families who enjoy the great outdoors.

Cory-Merrill Elementary School is among the highest rated within the Denver Public School System.

The wide variety of homes in the area can fulfill nearly every  conceivable budget consideration and square footage needs.  It’s this  diversity that attracts such a wide range of buyers seeking a Denver  neighborhood that’s convenient to shopping, dining, parks, and all the  attractions of the inner city.