Hilltop is bordered by 8th Avenue to the North, Alameda Avenue  to the South, Quebec/Monaco to the East, and Colorado Boulevard to the  West.

Noted for quiet, tree-shaded streets, charming period architecture,  and lush parkways, Hilltop lies adjacent to Lowry, a new mixed-use  community featuring shops, restaurants, and theaters, and the Cherry  Creek Mall Shopping District, home to some of Denver’s most exclusive  boutiques, bistros, and art galleries.

The area’s first settlement, a lone cabin erected in 1859 beside the  Cherokee Trail – the heavily traveled route led to Denver along Cherry  Creek – has been preserved at Four Mile Historic Park. A treat for the  entire family, Four Mile’s traditional Fourth of July is not to be  missed.

In 1885, after water from the South Platte arrived via the City Lateral  Canal, a branch of the Highline Canal, more people began to settle in  Hilltop proper. Winding its way more than 84 miles south and east of  Denver, the Highline Canal is now a popular recreation trail frequented  by dog owners, joggers, and bicyclists.

Although Hilltop’s earliest subdivisions were annexed by Denver in  1893, the area remained a rural enclave until the 1920s, when the  University of Colorado School of Medicine moved to the corner of East  Eighth Avenue and Colorado Boulevard and drew numerous professionals to  the area. By the 1950s, the neighborhood encompassed more than 700  homes.

English Tudors and classic 50s-style ranches share blocks with  multilevel Contemporaries and International-style homes, making the  allure of Hilltop nearly irresistible. Hilltop boasts a wealth of parks,  period architecture, and manicured yards. Cranmer, Burns, and Robinson  Parks lie within the neighborhood, while a half-dozen others including  Crestmoor, Pulaski Park and Cherry Creek Bikeway, Mayfair, and Lindsley  are just blocks away.

Cranmer Park offers a spectacular panorama of the Front Range Mountains  from a flagstone promenade engraved with the names and altitudes of  prominent peaks. The park name honors George Cranmer, who oversaw  Denver’s parks between 1935 and 1947 and helped establish both Red Rocks  Park and Winter Park Ski Area.

Cranmer frequently appeared on horseback to enjoy the often blazing  sunsets as many locals still do today (though not in the company of  horses). There’s seldom want of a breeze, so kite flying is a popular  pastime along with the usual picnicking and sunbathing.

Adjoining the park at its apogee, the Mediterranean-Renaissance  Cranmer Mansion (a designated Historic Landmark) designed by the  renowned Jules Jacques Benedict, is typical of the magnificent homes,  both old and new, that grace much of Hilltop.