Park Hill


Enchanting, Vintage Community Nestled at the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Designed to showcase Mayor Speer’s City Beautiful program, Park Hill,  located on high ground east of City Park, remains one of the most  coveted neighborhoods in Denver. Shaded by stately American Elms, Park  Hill’s exquisite thoroughfares, 17th Avenue, Forest, and Montview  parkways, are among the most beautiful in the city.

In addition to an abundance of mature trees, 17th Avenue Parkway,  designed by noted landscape architect Fredrick Law Olmsted, boasts a  lush landscaped median and generous setbacks. Many of the neighborhood’s  first residences were designed by Fisher and Fisher, for decades one of  the most distinguished architectural firms in Denver.

Early on, commentators raved that the thoroughfares of Park Hill –  “the most desirable residence portion of the city” – rivaled Riverside  Drive in New York, the Auteil and Passy in Paris, and Mayfair in London.  Several of Denver’s most beautiful churches are also found here. “The  homes here are as stunning as anything you’ll find the Country Club  area,” says one of the area’s many enthusiastic boosters.

Today’s active families will find the charms of this vibrant  community to be as compelling as ever. Park Hill’s international mix of  families enjoy short strolls to some of Denver’s finest cultural  attractions and shopping. On the west is lake-graced City Park, home to  the highly regarded Museum of Nature and Science, Gates Planetarium,  IMAX Theatre, Denver Zoo, and Municipal Golf Course.

Behind the museum, the “H-2-Odyssey” fountain delights children each  summer with its sprightly array of water jets shooting geyser-like  sprays high overhead. From here, the oft-photographed view of the Front  Range and downtown skyscrapers is among the grandest in the city. Also  in summer, the park bandstand hosts the free City Park Jazz concert  series. “Hot jazz on warm evenings in Denver’s premier park.”

Although residents enjoy a serene lifestyle sheltered from the urban  hubbub, Park Hill is just 10 minutes by car from Downtown;  world-renowned Cherry Creek Mall Shopping District; and countless retail  stores, restaurants, and hotels along Colorado Boulevard.

Park Hill’s residents are fond of walking to Spinelli’s Italian  Market for gourmet meats and cheeses, fresh baked breads, scrumptious  desserts, and more. Spinelli’s is just one of a cluster of quaint shops  on 23rd Avenue that includes the popular Italian Trattoria Cherry  Tomato, Park Hill Cooperative Bookstore, and Park Hill Cleaners &  Tailors.

The Park Hill Branch of the Denver Public Library on Montview, a  handsome example of Italian Renaissance Revival architecture featuring  diamond-paned leaded windows and a spacious interior bathed in natural  light, offers convenient Saturday hours.

There’s a good reason why noted Denver journalist and poet Thomas  Hornsby Ferril chose the shores of City Park’s Ferril Lake for his daily  constitution; it just doesn’t get any better than Park Hill and  environs. Experience the enriching lifestyle of this exceptional  neighborhood for yourself, from the threshold of your own Park Hill  home.