Some of the best years of my life were spent living in the US Virgin Islands. People have asked, “Why would you ever leave St.Thomas?!” I’m sure you have heard bad things happen in 3’s or in our case 5’s or 6’s. Sometimes you just have to move on. I won’t get into the 4’s or 5’s but medical care was the tipping point for moving home stateside.

We loved to spend our days exploring the islands. When you are a local, it is all about avoiding the tourist areas. This particular day, we hiked down to a private beach on the side of Megan’s Bay, one of the most gorgeous beaches on island (local lingo doesn’t always sound grammatically correct but work with me 🙂 Megan’s Bay also happens to be flooded with tourists. Lucky for us, we were able to enjoy the scenery equally by taking a steep hike down to our very own tiny beach on the other side of the bay. It was perfect…well at least for the next ten minutes.

Let’s rewind a couple weeks back when my future inlaws were on island visiting. For those of you that don’t know Brian, he is quite the thrill seeker/acrobat. Growing up he had a trampoline he played on religiously. As we are giving his parents our personalized beach tour, Brian out of nowhere decides that he thinks he can do a back flip. I immediately jumped into panic mode while his mom, who may or may not have thrown back a few tropical drinks by this point, backs him up completely. Well, they were right! What the hell just happened? Who can just do a back flip out of nowhere? Pretty impressive I thought, but his victory was short lived.

Now back to Megan’s Bay. As we are relaxing on our private beach, Brian gets after his new found skill. He has no problem nailing each back flip but that last one, he happens to also nail the huge rock hiding beneath the sand. He immediately knew something was wrong and there was definitely not going to be any hiking back up to the car. Luckily, we had our sturdy Ritz Carlton pool mats that assisted him while he swam Âľ of a mile back to Megan’s Bay where we could get him into the car easily. Not so luckily, the moment we get into our cars, the torrential downpour begins, right on Brian swimming to shore. Like I said, we don’t have the best of luck! We finally get him to the hospital where the doctor tells him it was a fracture that could be fixed with 2-3 screws. At this point, we had been on the island for a bit and we knew how half-assed everything is done. Medical care is a non-negotiable so my paranoia kicked in instantly. He flew stateside for a 2nd opinion to find out his entire calcaneus (heel) bone was literally shattered into pieces, and needed to be reconstructed with a plate and 10 screws!!!

Can you imagine the lifelong problems he would have had, physically and financially, without the proper diagnosis? It still scares me to this day. I believe selling a home requires just as much thought. I’m not a doctor, yet I can guarantee that a transaction of this caliber could have a huge effect on many aspects of life for the majority of people.

I had two prospective clients that I recently lost on opposite ends of the spectrum. One of them I lost to a flat fee based brokerage. This means the agent charges a flat fee of $2,000 regardless of the homes sales price.  Sure they saved on commission, yet how much did that matter to them when the appraisal came in at $20,000 more than the list price? Seriously?! And here I thought everyone in Denver was overpricing and having no problem getting away with it.

Not so much for my other prospective client. The agent she went with had no issue telling her that her home could sell for over $50,000 more than my recommendation. This is proof that even in this hot market, a home will sit for months, if not priced correctly. Three months to be exact. The buyers I have worked with will ask what is wrong with a house if it has been on the market for two weeks.

These owners were not given a proper diagnosis. This can lead to heartache and loss of time as well as money. Do your research because not all agents do theirs. If you’ve sold your home before you’ve probably seen the same dog and pony show. You sit at the kitchen table being told whatever you want to hear (probably not the truth) along with the sales pitch of why to choose them. It is not about the agent. Find someone vested in you. Someone who will tell you the truth. Someone who will properly deliver the value you need. This is about you. This is about your home, and this is about your family. Don’t ever forget that! And please, do remember, a prescription without a diagnosis is malpractice!