Well I had a huge epiphany when reading about my career:

    • Interchangeable with minimal value
    • Arrogant incompetent lying assholes
    • Driving around in bling, bling cars
    • Constantly talking on the phone about loans, property features and what they’re worth, clients’ needs, etc., in the most un-private of locations (bathrooms, checkout lines, airports.)
    • Always interrupting a good conversation when the phone beeps, vibrates, or rings with ‘I gotta take this call…’
    • Void of ethics, character and truth

WOW!  To say the least, this was heartbreaking to read.  Eewww (Jimmy Fallon voice), what have I gotten myself into?  Is this for real?!  Is this really how my fellow colleagues act?  This isn’t me and it’s certainly not how I want to be perceived.  Most importantly, it’s not how I go about running my business.  I’ve never been one to follow authority so why am I doing that now?  I have had continuous training on what I “need to be doing” but if I end up like any of those people I will hate myself.  I genuinely want to help those that need me and I want to connect with the people that understand what I’m about.  Let’s see where this blog goes!

I was always excited about real estate.  I watched my parents build 2 houses growing up.  It was so amazing to see it from start to finish, but the best part was seeing the happiness and joy it brought to our family.  My parents came here from Romania and have worked like crazy from the beginning to this day.  From our tiny one-bedroom apartment in NY to the gorgeous homes in Greenwood Village, they are the epitome of the American Dream.  I will always remember the pride our first home brought.  Man, if I could bring that feeling to others that would be pretty awesome.  Home ownership is a huge step, and for many the first step in creating wealth.  Starting my career in finance, I have always been intrigued with investments but there is something about handing over a key to a new home that is so much more satisfying to me than talking stocks, mutual funds, ETF’s or insurance.  It is just a plus that I absolutely love interior design and I literally could look at houses all day long.  You may have heard “Sleep is for people without the MLS!”  Amen to that.  I always try to be winding down for bed around 9 and before I know it, I look down at the clock to see 10 or 11.  I’m always watching everything and the passing time doesn’t faze me.  I want to provide nothing but the best of information for all my clients.

I never thought I’d be so intrigued with writing.  I was always better at math in school.  In my old monthly newsletter, I’d try to think what others would find valuable.  We are told over and over again, “Provide something of value.  Value, value, value, blah, blah, blah.”  One problem with that, who am I to decide what you find valuable?  Moving forward, I hope to share with you my voice and experiences in this crazy industry.  If you stick with me on this journey, I will do my very best not to bore you.  There are some real sketchy people out there, but some of us got into this for the better. While many industry leaders may frown upon some of the things I say or do, I will not be the annoying, unethical person linked to the title “realtor.”  That, I can promise.