As I continue to grow my real estate practice, I’m constantly thinking about what is working and what is not working. Real Estate is not an easy career to get started in. It takes patience and time to see the results. So how do you survive in the meantime? There are many ways, but man they take their toll. Cold calling for example; after hearing a piece from 9news a few weeks back, I said enough is enough.

Deborah, an Aurora resident, decided to take her home off the market when the buyers financing fell through. She decided there were too many repairs to be made and clearly was not ready to move on. When a listing goes into “expired” status, this is considered a hot lead. Real Estate agents have the ability to pull these leads and begin the harassment. Deborah was getting 50-75 calls a day for almost a week! In the news clip, her phone was ringing off the hook the entire time. “The first thing I do is start crying because I get so frustrated. I’ve never seen anything like it, they’re a bunch of vultures.”

Instead of taking the time to build a respected brand and form strong relationships, you have money hungry agents looking for the next deal. The instant gratification in this industry kills me. Yes, we all want to know the next deal is right around the corner; however, it shouldn’t be at the expense of harassing people to get a signature and then tossing them aside once the deal is complete. The majority of my clients have all worked with another agent. If these agents had exercised honest and diligent behavior, I probably wouldn’t have them as clients. The churn and burn mentality is not something I can get on board with. You wouldn’t believe the carelessness in some of these transactions. They don’t know the contract deadlines, therefore you can bet they are not meeting them. And a return phone call? Yeah right! How would you feel if an appraiser or inspector showed up at your door without notice? Where is the communication? Isn’t this a relationship business? Yes, it absolutely is. Yet for some? Just a numbers game. You will never be a number to me!